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Fiducial loan kind product of conduct financial transactions: How to choose to h
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Product of fiducial loan conduct financial transactions, it is the product of project of fiducial loan conduct financial transactions that shows by bank and trust company couplet the hand is rolled out. The collective point that the product runs mode is the bank uses trust company platform, establish onefold and fiducial plan, next the channel of repass bank is sold to the client, after the bank plans market fund successfully, give trust company, trust company turns to the industry that needs credit capital again.

“ predicts yield often prep above the corresponding period is other and fixed accrual kind investment product. Assistant of general manager of department of business of company of bank of ” province transportation tells a reporter in Zhao Hui, a year when traffic bank rolls out period the product all can be achieved of 5.6% year turn profit, product of period of half an year year change can amount to 5.12% . relatively RMB time deposit year turn the money rate of 4.14% and most fixed profit kind product for 3% right-and-left yield, fiducial loan kind the redound that the product brings investor clearly.

Deadline weak point is a reason with this kind of welcome product. The reporter can discover from inside the product of put on sale of a few banks, short-term kind the product is occupied heavier. …… of 3 2 a month, months, months is general the liquidity requirement that satisfies investor more easily in a year of less than.

How to buy fiducial loan kind is grain property tasted? Business site of “ transportation bank is in the product with new put on sale, the individual can be bought directly to the site. Special perhaps to the client of conduct financial transactions of the bank client, silver-colored guild passes the means such as phone, short message to inform. ” says in Zhao Hui, each are at present big the bank has this kind of product, some products last with the frequency of weekly first phase almost put on sale, the room that can choose for people is bigger.

Bank public figure reminds, fiducial kind product essence is an enterprise carry product of conduct financial transactions direct to client financing, the bank has intermediary effect only, him client assumes a risk. So, investor should understand loan company and project. Investor should understand loan company and project..

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