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Stay in friendly fiducial bank to plan to establish SRI to invest fund in home
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Japan stays in friendly fiducial bank to expressed recently about chief, begin social responsibility to invest foundation project in China of purpose (SRI) , return the collaboration that develops the trust company that concerns with China product and technology at the same time.
Japan stays in friendly fiducial bank chief introduction, what SRI fund emphasis pays close attention to is the social responsibility of the enterprise, because this begins SRI fund professional work, can pass the runs responsibility of stimulative enterprise society promotion of capital market, conduce to the transmission of culture of responsibility of Chinese enterprise society. Refer SRI fund is in China of the market develop way, he thinks, the collaboration with Chinese trust company is better choice. As a result of the flexibility of fiducial system, decided this kind of means realizes the engraft of the product more easily.

In addition, he still expresses, stay in friendly fiducial bank the kind that to Chinese trust company and negotiable securities 2 class market ties is interested very much. Stay in friendly fiducial bank to be in bad loan is fiducial (RCC) a few experience were accumulated in business, remain to undertake cooperative sharing at Chinese fiducial course of study. (Zhang Taixin)

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