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200 million buy Tibet is fiducially action travel gold accuses to build end
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Network edition stalks of grain only reporter Yang Dong The course is a chain of buy the operation, the finance of in an attempt to of diligent of the bank that enrol business accuses a platform to shape basically already now. On September 18, action travel and hall of finance of the Xizang Autonomous Region are signed " Tibet is fiducial change make framework agreement " , buy Tibet is fiducially the equity of 60.5 % . So far, the gold of action travel accuses a system to already included bank, safe, fiducial, fund, finance to rent, a variety of financial business license plate such as overseas negotiable securities.

Enrol a Dong Bilan to surprise say, of “ at present buy property already much enougher, prospective job will be given priority to with digesting these asset, action travel won't have again any buy a plan. ”

Fiducial to Tibet, lan Ji expresses, buy examine and approve after passing, tibet is fiducial may incognito, headquarters is likely also change comes Shenzhen, with better cooperate bank assets apply, action travel future will be done do strong Tibet greatly fiducial.

The buying and selling of be to one's profit

“ action goes buy the operation, make Tibet extremely likely fiducial manage by a little known Xiaogong, butterfly turn the bibcock that is the be among the best of candidates inside course of study into the company. ” Guo Taijun installs Wu Yonggang of financial industry researcher to say.

Tibet is fiducial the company that registers capital to be 300 million yuan only, income of fiducial 2007 business has 490 thousand yuan only, the rank inside course of study is reciprocal the first.

But the just of “ small ” with fiducial Tibet became his to gain the advantage that recombines an opportunity potentially.

the action travel that accuses a platform to devoting oneself to to make finance, the importance of fiducial license plate is self-evident. How can find a cheap license plate, it is to enrol the very important one part in buying outspread strategy external all right.

Ask a company to a few family letters in the course after comparing, in November 2007, action travel is final buy target lock to be in surely capital scope is little, own Tibetan negotiable securities the Tibet of 30 % equity is fiducial, to Tibet hall of finance of fiducial partner the Xizang Autonomous Region was referred and buy program, win out smoothly in subsequently equity contest mark.

After buying the price, negotiation that held hall of finance of respect and the Tibet such as a scale to have 8 months, on September 18, action travel achieves what one wishes eventually, buy Tibet successfully fiducial the equity of 60.5 % .

It is very small that “ buys total amount, under 200 million yuan. Divulge of ” Lan Ji. With current and fiducial license plate rare be short of a gender, again according to Tibet fiducial 300 million yuan enrollment capital and of 60.5 % buy scale, apparent, action travel made one pile the buying and selling of extraordinary be to one's profit.
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