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Market of fiducial in September economy appears declining tendency product to is
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Last in global money market below queasy condition, performance of market of fiducial September economy is low fan, not only negotiable securities invests kind of fiducial product to appear small atrophy, issue hot silver to believed product of cooperative conduct financial transactions to also appear to issue decelerate posture all along repeatedly.

General beneficial fortune will release on October 9 " fiducial in September 2008 product reports " show, according to statistic, in September 2008 portion (the following abbreviation this month) shared 21 trust company to issue letter of 39 gather fund to hold a product in the palm, with in August 2008 portion (the month on the following abbreviation) issue an amount to maintain quite.

Product of conduct financial transactions of silver-colored letter collaboration is hot no longer

Since July 2008, silver believes delay of hasten of amplitude of cooperative product circulation, ended the explosive type development that silver believes a product since 2008, enter stable phase. Show according to publishing data statistic result not completely, 28 commercial banks and 24 trust company of above undertook cooperative this month, issue silver to believe product of cooperative conduct financial transactions in all (next weighing that “ silver believes product ” ) 369, hair linage quantity and on the month keeps balance.

Product structure respect, this month credit kind product and bill substance kind the product still takes the main aspect. Credit kind product circulation ended to go up lunar fall circumstance, regression comes the growth path since 2008, issue an amount to achieve 244, relatively on the month increases 52, relatively increased 13 in July 2008. On the other hand, bill kind product circulation is 95, amount relatively on the month drops somewhat, but continue to keep exalted.

The one big characteristic of market of economy of collaboration of silver-colored this month letter is the orgnaization is participated in degree promote greatly, the local bank that seldom distributes silver-colored letter product partly and in the development that miniature trust company all had a product, the report thinks, this kind of trend believes cooperative economy market to have positive effect to perfect silver.

Negotiable securities invests kind of fiducial product is small atrophy

Our newspaper accuses compose period inside (cut solstice on September 28, 2008) , shared 6 trust company to issue 10 negotiable securities to invest kind of fiducial product. With will issue circumstance photograph to compare August, sending linage this month small atrophy appeared on the quantity, issue an orgnaization to basically also be centrally above a few trust company that are major servicing with negotiable securities investment, the trust company that market operation experience lacks dare not be in more queasy period industry of sortie negotiable securities.
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