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Banking opens to the outside world today in endowment the bank has preparation e
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Rise now, course of study of Bank of China opens to the outside world formally in the round. The reporter understands, face cried old " with the wolf in all dance " the final arrival of time, in endowment the bank has preparation early. Capture small company client last week 5, 16 country bank assembles in what by Fujian Province silver inspect bureau initiates " service of financing of Fujian small company negotiates meeting " . "Small company money market is a huge cake, the small company that is less than a half only however obtains bank loan and financial service. " conference director Yang Xiaoping shows Fujian silver-colored watch, "Spending banner bank, broken bits to make a bank make make one's fortune of retail trade Wu, having perfect small company banking to serve experience. " on the meeting, each banks show the financial product of specific aim in succession, partial bank is special still established small company office, for passageway of green of open up of small company loan. Dispute the client group that snatching client of high-end client high end will be contention of bank of endowment of inside and outside. This year October, branch of traffic bank Fuzhou established center of fertile heart conduct financial transactions technically, in Fuzhou first are rolled out in the light of high-end client " private bank " business, adopt man-to-man conduct financial transactions to serve kind. It is reported, at present in row " in silver-colored conduct financial transactions " , action travel " Jin Kui is beautiful " , light is big " sunshine conduct financial transactions " , in pattern forms the conduct financial transactions of letter honoured guest economy that faces high-end client basically already, and traffic bank Ward the client departs alone the form that come out, approach the way of foreign capital bank more. Upgrade the bank on network of the bank on the net develops is foreign capital bank one big characteristic, from this net silver also was become inside endowment one of targets of bank assault fortified positions. The much home bank such as latter project travel, action travel, Construction Bank, Agriculture Bank undertakes net silver upgrades in succession, stand by with level of foreign capital bank in each respect such as function, security.
Foreign capital bank blocks hopeful next year to will appear in banyan in Feburary, yesterday of the personage inside one course of study tells Fuzhou bank group hopefully the reporter, next year Fuzhou citizen hopeful will use foreign capital bank to get stuck in Feburary. It is reported, each relevant business that is in bank of banyan foreign capital already referred silver-colored inspect joint hearing to approve.

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