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Financial industry opens first turning formally now to make foreign capital bank
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RMB business rises to be opened in the round to foreign capital bank today, first turning make foreign capital bank exceed 10
Today, on December 11, transfer 5 after China joins WTO years period official end. Promulgate formally as the State Council after editing " regulation of foreign capital bank " carry out formally, industry of Bank of China will rise from today, each respects wait to be opened in the round to foreign capital bank in object of sort of district, business, client, from now on, in endowment the bank closes to continue no longer in carefree day of the home, replace will be with foreign capital finance tycoons grab a meal to eat from inside his bowl.

First turning make a bank exceed 10

As " regulation of foreign capital bank " apply formally, china will allow foreign bank basis to be in China management strategy, choose commercial presence form according to freewill principle, can continue to be in with the form of branch China business of management foreign currency and RMB wholesale business Wu, also can apply for to change branch make to be in China registered legal person bank, management RMB retail trade Wu.

This month 6 days, meeting vice-chairman Tang Shuangning discloses silver-colored inspect, so far, the foreign capital bank that has had more than 10 expresses clearly to will turn make to be in China registered legal person bank, the portfolio of these orgnaizations may want the half above of orgnaization of be in harmony of the capital outside Zhan Zaihua.

Silver-colored inspect can superintend 3 directors Xu Feng to express, foreign capital bank is registered after be bank of this locality legal person, its branch wants add up to be the subordinate bank of legal person orgnaization in the future, branch number should be occupied possibly 1/3. "According to working plan, on December 11 code is formal after become effective, we will announce the first batch to be accepted formally first turning the bank that restrict. " Xu Feng expresses.

Foreign capital becomes a shareholder upper limit is not broken

In becoming a shareholder to prospective foreign capital endowment the scale of the bank is OK prep above the 20% issues that reach 25% upper limit, tang Shuangning will express on December 6: "Do not have a consideration temporarily. " he expresses, investment of orgnaization of the finance outside the area that silver-colored inspect can publish becomes a shareholder in endowment the administrative measure of the bank, showed China enlarges open manner to banking. Of this method promulgate cooperate to promoting the development of bank of medium, foreign capital, share-holding system of the reform that introduces bank of strategic investor, help, help is transformed, perfect company processing produced due effect etc. "But of this regulation make time still do not grow, still need to undertake summing up, arrive so today, we had not considered this issue. We had not considered this issue..

In endowment the bank is not afraid of foreign capital
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