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Will bank of flow of bank of imitated foreign capital become a trend?
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Although the advent December 11, bank of the foreign capital in won't letting is in " sectional bank " and " flow bank " the strong weak contrast on mode of these two kinds of business gets effective immediately, but latter, be in all along the Guangdong bank group of deal with concrete matters relating to work, banker of China and foreign countries people want to gather only, the collision of two kinds of mode and thinking is inevitable.  

In recently the 2006 dale that Guangdong holds are surrounded (island) on forum of financial innovation solid Wu, the choice of mode of these two kinds of business becomes focal topic again. But look in the client, the foreign capital bank of mode of business of executive flow bank " the service is more professional and efficient, flow control is better. Flow control is better..

Of flow anthology

If with Chinese silver-colored inspect meeting bank superintends a Zhang Xianqiu, say, bank of so-called technological process, its core is " commercial bank basis client category, the business technological process that sets branch of entire industry Wu into a series of can quick response and contented client demand, choose managemant decision the place that direct fixed position carries out at business flow. Choose managemant decision the place that direct fixed position carries out at business flow..

"Flow bank attributes a line development. The branch has single function merely, the characteristic on management is fore-and-aft give priority to, transverse for complementary. " this is Hong Kong Shanghai the understanding of bank of Cheng of convection of Chen Yuanhui of president of branch of Guangzhou of the bank that collect abundant. Current, the bank that collect abundant shares a branch in Guangzhou, 4 subbranch of a bank. Among them, a business of industrial and commercial company of main attack of Yu subbranch of a bank that creates recently, and other 3 subbranch of a bank are given priority to with individual business.

Chen Yuanhui thinks, the profit that such doing is to be able to form scope effect, increase resource availability. "Begin the subbranch of a bank of individual banking business, can technical staff serves a client group, also can have special product development and market promotion personnel. Additional, every branch travel is OK the economy of base area area grows a feature, specialize in certain industry. Specialize in certain industry..

Nevertheless, bank of current technological process also can be come up against superintend, the difficult problem that the respect this locality such as the service turns. For example, the business of Chen Yuanhui management line, include individual finance to also include business of industrial and commercial company. But in its bank interior, what she is in charge of directly is individual banking business, business of industrial and commercial company is assisted management only. But when superintendency branch is undertaking to Chen Yuanhui controller is superintended, impossible only confine is in domain of business of its individual banking.
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