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International Monetary Fund: Beautiful economy will is immersed in this year spe
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On April 10, 2008 11:43 origin: Chinese news network

Washington of China News Service on April 9 report (Jiang Bo of Qiu of reporter Li Jing) international Monetary Fund (IMF) is published 9 days newest " world economic outlook reports " point out, american economy will be immersed in “ to spend decline ” gently this year. Suffer this effect, world economy is added fast will put delay greatly.

Global economy growth anticipates IMF general this year the 4.2% key from the beginning of the year is low to 3.7% , and next year economy is added fast also will maintain in 3.8% fluctuation.

IMF is right economic growth anticipates the United States to also be from the 1.5% pelter January this year 0.5% . This organization says in the report, american economy wants 9 years of 00 2 ability probably somewhat improvement, growth of economy of 9 years of 00 2 United States is about 0.6% .

IMF says, the United States second the growth pace that borrowed the money market wave motion that the crisis causes to affect global economy. As the addition of risk of each country inflation, each country Central Bank needs to have a balance between exciting economy and control inflation decision-making.

The report is forecasted, develop economic system today bright average economy of two years is added fast all be 1.3% , under 2.7% last year. Euro region economy today bright predict two years to grow respectively 1.4% with 1.2% , all under last year. Japan, England, Canada and other develop economic system today bright economy of two years is added fast also will under last year.

The report still points out, although future is burgeoning,economic system will maintain economy to grow strong, but short-term inside the risk of global economy be issued to lower levels still exists. The possibility that this report calculates world economy to be immersed in overall decline is 25% .

IMF every half an year is published " world economic outlook " report, assess global economic situation, forecast economy to increase prospect. (Be over)

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