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Zhou San of Chinese stock market steeps fall 5.5%
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Shanghai stock market becomes the forerunner of the defeat below Asian stock market yesterday, the reason is coming round Chinese company is issued publicly first (IPO) dispersed market fund.

The analyst expresses, aggregate index is in card on approach technical resistance hind steep fall 5.5% , close at 3413.91 bits, ended from the nadir begins since 11 months successive 4 days rebound.

Chinese oil (601857 prices, ) (PetroChina) drops 4.8% , reach 17.32 yuan; Chinese petrifaction (600028 prices, ) (Sinopec) steeps fall 7.3% , reach 11.82 yuan. Because crude oil rises in price and control of case of oil price of governmental finished product, oil kind press recently by heavy retype.

Division of NewedgeGroup politic division wears benefit than · (KirbyDaley) expresses, energy of life of Chinese market person is flimsy, investor suffers “ this year especially the blow of heavy ” . He expresses: Once “ touchs technical level, cast dish can go down continuously by oneself. ”

Be in Hong Kong, constant unripe index drops 1.4% , to 23984.57 bits; Index of industry of constant unripe China (namely H index) drop 2.5% , to 12863.8 bits. (Responsibility edits: With dispatch website)

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