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Inflection point of city of building of refute of forum of Jiang Boao assuming m
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Policy has price of inflection point house not to have inflection point

“2007 year what we think inflection point is the mainest is policy inflection point, it is the government assumes social security responsibility to turn from requirement market to assume social security responsibility by the government, 24 files especially two meetings are special this year put forward to pay close attention to the people's livelihood, increase social security, our greater part is made also transform construction department into housing and ministry of urban and rural construction, this showed governmental more pays close attention to social security system. This is do not have from before, arrived to have or be increased at a draught. And other I did not feel is inflection point. Room value is potential everybody has a misunderstanding, think local house price fell, integral house price fell. We can see in 70 35 big cities, medium cities 1, 2, March house price is high speed rises, it is 10% much two digit rise. ”

“ economy occurrence inflection point, one is the process that be down, one is up process, or from become suddenly up be down suddenly. What what everybody sees now is partial area trades only the volume drops, the house price of partial area falls somewhat, so two index. But other index continues to rise in most index. We look not to come out, perhaps not was necessary to discuss the issue of inflection point. ”

House price fell to want to retreat a room to be equal to destroy market economy

Price of house of the closest occurrence Shenzhen drops, owner asks to develop business to compensate the price difference that they buy a house. To this one problem, ren Zhijiang says: “ share dropped, do you have method to ask others compensates a stock to drop loss? Stock and house are a kind of bond, you are bought in oil 48 yuan, 30 yuan when who gives you allowance? Cannot implement this game regulation in estate market? Why should be I compensated? Do when rising in price the next time, you give me compensation? So much room rises in price, you did not say to rise in price, you should withdraw development business fund, is there this reason? Since that is not carried out directly, why should be this carried out directly? If be planted strictly according to this method, china won't have market economy, had broken spirit of market economy bond thoroughly because of you.

Ren Zhijiang still expresses, his Hua Yuanqi falls and did not produce the case that returns a house, and still be in rise in price desperately. “ buys the person that is less than a house to still ask we have a house, still one called yesterday the room that says to want us, I said to do not have, you can be bought only other. ”

Company of house property development closes down one year 30 thousand two very normal

“ towerings like a mountain peak to Panshi this paragraph of time casts 100 days of great change that give to talk, I understand this not quite, but I do not think to may appear this. Look from the history, estate should die every year probably 20 thousand enterprises, good when be such, bad when also be such, did not produce too big change. Be like us to see this today is dining-room, tomorrow still is dining-room, but already substitution was managed. Have in estate company buy in great quantities, annex, it and other industry are different, other it is the technology that wants you, market that wants you, but real estate is major annex is to want land, I do not want your person to also do not want your technical power already, not be the money that wants you, it is the land that wants you. This kind of annex is the exchange that is first goal with land reserve. Want your cash, technology, factory building like other possibility, with this completely different. ” (
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