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Tax evasion individual income tax is suspected of after child with a ha breaths
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Of the “ Da Wa of quiet a long time during contending for ” to erupt one year in bilateral controversy, lift new billows once more: Tax evasion individual income tax is suspected of after the message says child with a ha breaths out Zong Qing of palm door person nearly 300 million yuan.

According to the report, in August 2007, one claims “ duty Wu studies of lover ” inform against a person, real name informs against the income outside churchyard of a huge sum is being concealed after Zong Qing, did not declare individual income tax according to the facts.

Total bureau of national tax Wu is received after informing against, supervise and urge quickly bureau of Hangzhou land tax investigates and deal with sb, check bureau is formal in November 2007 put on record.

The report says, “ basis is amounted to can the proof of bank account come-and-go with Zong Qing hind, from 1996 joint-stock begin to come 2006, amount to can the respect expends ‘ of company of husband of ’ , condition to reward a ’ dividend and equity to counter-purchase name with ‘ service, firewood fulfil pays to add up to after Xiang Zongqing 71 million dollar. According to ancestor oneself requirement, after these capital are hit into Zong Qing respectively, its wife Shi Youzhen, its female Zong Fuli, and the bank account that Yuan Wa with a ha breaths out the 4 people such as Du Jianying of secretary of group Party committee to be established in Hong Kong. ”

Yesterday, " daily of the first finance and economics " after calling Zong Qing, beg card to be suspected of report of tax evasion individual income tax whether be being belonged to about its to its solid, when enquiring whether its are receiving Wu of relevant section tax to investigate, he says “ did not see ” is consistent namely ring off. In the meantime, amount to can respect criterion to " daily of the first finance and economics " confirm, hangzhou will be amounted to last year November about the government sector really just can have made relevant investigation, but reject to give out further detail.

Be in an exposure of network of duty disturbance experience at the same time, the both sides that amount to child is right negotiation content and progress criterion closely guard a secret, all do not wish buy is judged. Occupy the personage of know the inside story that is close to bilateral negotiation personage to divulge nevertheless, although hard, but negotiate as before afoot, and be in advance ahead step by step, the appraise that the focus that a few chapel negotiate recently is in “ to be able to be accepted at searching a both sides is worth methodological ” . Daily of the first finance and economics
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