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Reporter of international pioneer gazette kisses all previous " Tibet alone " co
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Yin Defa of reporter of international pioneer gazette from Brussels last year in May, below the support of western force, the 5th “ that amounts to group bilking collect to be held in Brussels assists Tibet to organize the formulate on international congress ” in the light of BeijingClick examine Beijing and more city weather forecastThe “ route chart of the Olympic Games plans ” , point to spearhead clearly fire of Olympic Games emperor to deliver. " international pioneer gazette " the reporter interviewed this congress in Brussels at that time, the circumstance of whole episode nowadays still clearly is in eye.

Congress drives out Chinese reporter

Came 14 days on May 11, 2007, congress is held in the imperial crown hotel of Brussels downtown. This hotel is not far from station of Brussels train north, do not exceed 15 minutes to Brussels big square on foot. Because the assembly room is located in downtown, session organizer organized person of a few Tibet technically to hold hold a demonstration on the square before the hotel, build momentum greatly.

Controlled partly at 2 o'clock on May 11 afternoon, congress opening ceremony is held formally in hall of meeting of imperial crown hotel. Many 300 delegate that comes from 56 countries is attended, they come from 145 to assist Tibetan organization and association of 56 Tibet person. Conference organizer vigilance is extremely tall, extremely inimical to our newspaper reporter, took away the conference material before reporter seat, and send ” reporter “ gift before long after the conference begins.

Our newspaper reporter remembers, congress opening ceremony is thing of practice of a few Lama above all, with date of sonorous Buddha of organ announce eulogy. After this, congress read out amount to the speech that bilks lama. Dong Renbo cuts mulberry of ” of premier of “ Tibet government-in-exile made full length speech, elaborate the view of ” of alleged “ middle-of-the-road.

Decorate task ” to disturb holy fire to deliver “

The program from the conference can see, be in next in the conference of nearly 4 days that close the door, the topic for discussion that the person that attend the meeting discusses includes: By the negotiation circumstance that amounts to the ambassador-at-large bulletin that go back on one's word and Chinese government, discuss the policy proposal henceforth; Chinese political situation moves toward and did not develop: Tibetan environment and development problem; 2008 the strategy after the Olympic Games and Olympic Games; Offer final action plan and news bulletin.
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