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Stream of people of activity of travel sales promotion does not add Shanghai hom
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Recently, like a raging fire protests on the net, a lot of youths between one night, add sign one's name ” of “ hearts China; More the people appeals boycott France goods, reject a Le Fu, Louie · power ascend. One stone arouses 1000 heavy billow, millions of people is answered.

Actually Chinese pretty likes France, the plane bought Boeing, still do not forget to in the sky buy a settle or live in a strange place again; Respecting flange on the west, have bit of full of enthusiasm, what does Luo Mandi overcome, literature and building, perfume and beauty, still have sweet song, it is some of good person favour it seems that; Every mention a French, although asymmetry elder brother younger brother, but ineffable good impression, regard as bosom friend.

So, should see Olympic Games torch is delivered annoy badly by, we do not wish to believe, this meeting is to be in Paris; Should hear law business aids financially “ to hide alone ” , we are decieved with respect to times feeling meet with disgrace, aflame with passion.

Domestic Le Fu is denied rapidly, statement “ never, also won't do ” of any thing of emotive of harm China people in the future. I notice, yesterday Beijing newspaper in succession print article, affirm the people's patriotic affection, also appeal compatriots reason, reason. Brilliant of gold of hand of Olympic Games torch, accepting new when civilian network reporter is interviewed, what approve of netizen upsurges is patriotic and enthusiastic, but … of Le Fu of deprecatory boycott home…

Last night, if Napoleon jumping out suddenly in brain, let me all night difficult Mian: “ China is the male lion of a sleep deeply, once awake, whole world can tremble for it ……”

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