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Of short duration of negotiation of Microsoft Yahoo reopen does not involve over
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Report will announce xinhua net new York at the beginning of this month on May 18 the American Microsoft that abandons buying Yahoo to plan makes a statement 18 days say, it is replacing coital easy plan to undertake consulting with respect to with Yahoo, but new plan does not involve overall to buy Yahoo.

Statement expresses, microsoft gives out new overall to buy without Xiang Yahu at present want to make an appointment with, but the likelihood that reservation future reconsiders buying Yahoo, this basically treats the negotiation progress condition of prospective both sides.

" wall street daily " the word of quote information personage reports, new friend easy plan basically involves two companies to cooperate in what search advertisement field, this will form similar and companionate relation to create obstacle to Yahoo and cereal song. Will rise on April 9, gu Ge and Yahoo spread out by a definite date two weeks experimental collaboration, the search business of 3 % can use Yahoo Gu Ge searchs advertisement system, advertisement of song of add when indication Yahoo searchs a result cereal. In the meantime, both sides still considers establishing long-term cooperation relationship.

Microsoft will put forward Feburary with total prices 44.6 billion dollar buys Yahoo, dan Yahu underestimates his with Microsoft bade give for value refuse. At the beginning of May, microsoft and Yahoo reopen negotiate, microsoft will buy the price to rise to 47.5 billion dollar, but again by refus. Subsequently, microsoft announces to abandon buying.

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