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Faithful start regular investment limited company
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▄◣ individual borrows money without guaranty and enterprise
[faithful start regular investment limited company] it is a method in order to assure with investment, through Chinese agriculture bank management provides, provide the difficult problem that solves capital to beset for broad citizen and medium and small businesses
Object and condition:
Individual capital (10 thousand - 500 thousand) ; Company capital (100 thousand - 5 million, need delegate of company legal entity, the company needs to register establish above two years) . 18 years old of above have the Chinese citizen of competence of completely civil action, have the following requirement at the same time:
1, must hold individual is effective Id, census register proves or live for a long time proof,
2, detailed address, family secures the family phone.
3, the applicant has steady income, certain economy repays ability, without bad record;
4, company business charter and carbon, legal entity Id, economic income proves.
Flow: Put forward to apply for → to undertake checking to submitting data (undertake assessment to belongings, examine and approve → to sign contract → to extend capital → is returned by season. Breath → expires still. Money.
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