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Oriental electron stands for subsidiary Long Koudong assure 17 million
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Evening released Oriental electron yesterday announcement says, the company has established wire cable limited company to accuse share company Long Koudong (Long Koudong stands) offer 17 million yuan of loan to assure, the creditor of this loan is branch of Yantai of the bank that enrol business.

The company shows, the company was last year control share company east establish a company to be in the bank of branch of Yantai of the bank that enrol business loan assures 17 million yuan expire. The company continues to be east establish a company to be in Yantai of the bank that enrol business branch 17 million yuan award letter forehead integratedly to spend offer joint liability to assure.

It is reported, long Koudong establishs those who be Oriental electron to control share company, company hold its the equity of 75% . Oriental electron thinks, this the company assures external be helpful for those who maintain a company to reach industry be assuringed lasting, steady progress, support its to manage business to expand the demand to circulating fund normally. It is normal that production of company be assuringed is managed, sale channel is stable, payment for goods reclaims good, the company enjoys the profit of 75% , assure in this assume the responsibility of 100% . Inside the limits that the amount that assures external approves in board of directors of accredit of shareholder plenary meeting.

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