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Raised the benchmark lending rate Hebei vigilance credit small advertisement
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Since the recent increase in the benchmark lending rate since the phone with a "loan" words of advertising began to increase, for POLICE Network Tip: guard against illegal "credit advertisement" hidden behind a huge risk. If an individual or enterprise has demand for loans should be financed through the regular channels of banking financial institutions to small business loans or a limited liability company or limited lending institutions and other legitimate applications. According to the survey, many of these illegal advertisements applied bank credit loans, there such as "agents of credit card and provide services," and so on. In fact, these illegal "loans ads" are disguised propaganda civil usury, credit card Cash irregularities. Some publishers "loan advertising," the company does not have engaged in financial business qualification, some even without the business sector registered. These intermediary institutions engaged in lending will charge a high percentage of the general Intermediary fees, their fees, management, constraints and so divorced from outside the regulatory system. Police tips for participating in illegal financial activities by the loss, by the participants themselves. If you want to publish involving investment advisory services, financial advisory, loan advice, financing agency, the agency financial operations Ads, advertising, advertisers should be recognized by the main qualification, business license check whether advertisers have the appropriate scope of business.

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