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Financial institutions in China to expand the county award the pilot Agricultur
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Financed, the person in charge of financial institutions to accelerate the county Agricultural Loans received awards pilot interview on the issue. Q: Agricultural Loans financial institutions, county incentives What are the main contents of the pilot A: To implement the Party's Third Plenary Session of the decision relating to "targeted tax breaks, subsidies and other costs of policies," the spirit to guide and encourage financial institutions to increase lending to agriculture-related efforts, the county began in 2008 the Ministry of Finance Agricultural Loans of financial institutions incentives pilot. Agriculture-related pilot areas on the annual average balance of loans over 15% year on year increase, and at the end did not rise year on year rate of non-performing loans of financial institutions at county level, the financial sector the average balance of the year according to the agriculture-related loans increased by more than 15% of the part of the award given to a 2% to award funds from the central and local governments sharing, eastern, central and western regions of central and local governments were 3:7,5:5,7:3 sharing ratio. Q: The pilot of the progress and effectiveness A: The 2008 pilot program, including Heilongjiang, Henan, Hunan, Yunnan, Xinjiang and other 5 provinces (regions), while Tiandong County to support the development of rural finance exploration, allowing the pilot light of the implementation of its policies. In 2009, the effects of policies in order to further develop and pilot a better sum up the experience, the Ministry of Finance to Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu and Anhui three provinces (regions) into the pilot. 2009 and 2010, financial departments at all levels of fund management method according to county financial institutions of applications for award of funds allocated for the audit, incentive funds were allocated 864 million yuan and 2.079 billion yuan, of which the central government each share 5. 1.9 billion and 12.10 billion yuan. To carry out the pilot to guide social capital back in the "three rural" has played an active role. Mainly: First, meet the award conditions of rapid growth in the number of financial institutions in the county. Second, rapid growth of agriculture-related loans. Third, sources of supply of rural financial structure optimization. Q: accelerating the pilot's background and what is considered A: speed up the experimental work, including sound policies, and expand a pilot two aspects. The background and the main considerations are: The first is to implement the central spirit of the document 1, an important measure. 2010 Central Document No. 1 clear requirements, to implement and improve agriculture-related tax incentives, targeted cost subsidies, incremental incentives and other policies, increase support for rural financial development. Ministry of Finance on the basis of sound policies to accelerate expansion of the pilot program to increase the levels of finance for rural financial development and financial support of the "three rural" to support efforts. Second, help to further develop the policy effect. Experimental validation of the incremental incentives of financial institutions can effectively stimulate the endogenous dynamic agriculture, improve the growth rate of agriculture-related credit scale. Further expand the scope of the experiment, only help to improve policy coverage, better use of social capital flows, fiscal policy, leveraging the "three rural" leverage effect, and help to accumulate a larger scale pilot experience, and constantly improve the pilot policy. Third, to further expand the scope of the basic conditions for the pilot. After two years of pilot projects, the financial departments at all levels have accumulated some experience. Meanwhile, local governments and the community come to realize the positive significance of the pilot, part of the local financial sector are encouraged to apply to join the pilot, and in matching funds, institutional building, personnel arrangements, ready to work. Q: What policies and improved to expand the scope of the pilot which A: The policy is mainly improved: First, from 2010 onwards, incentives for all agriculture-related loans from the People's Bank loans to agriculture-related loans to reduce the statistical coverage of the "household animal husbandry and fishery loans" and "consumption and other production and operation of farmers Loans "and" all kinds of organizations, rural enterprises, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery loans "and" rural enterprises and other organizations, agriculture loans "and other four loans, not including" other rural enterprises and various organizations, production loans, "" urban enterprise and various types of animal husbandry and fishery organizations loans "and" urban agriculture loans to enterprises and other organizations, "3 loans. Second is the rate of non-performing loans of financial institutions required by the "non-performing rate of loans rose at the end of the county shall not award financial institutions" to "non-performing rate of loans to the end of the year rose more than 3% of the county and financial institutions, not to reward . " Expand the scope of the policy: increase in Hebei, Liaoning, Jilin, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hubei, Guangxi, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu and other 10 provinces (regions) to join the pilot, including 7 major grain-producing provinces and the three western provinces (regions). Coupled with the pilot before the 8 provinces (regions), the current participation of 18 provinces (regions) includes all 13 major grain-producing province of the country and five western provinces (regions), reflecting the central government and major grain-producing provinces Western emphasis on the development of rural finance and tilt. Q: After all the work to expand the scope of the pilot how the convergence A: The expanding scope of the pilot, the Ministry of consequential amendments to the fund management approach. 2009 Award of County Agricultural Loans of financial institutions funding application, review, issuance and inspection and evaluation work, and continue the implementation of "financial County Agricultural Loans reward financial institutions, fund management Interim Measures" relevant regulations. Related work is completed, "financial County Agricultural Loans financial institutions, fund management Interim Award" termination implementation. 2010, the incentive funds application, review, disbursement and inspection and evaluation work, the uniform implementation of "financial County Agricultural Loans reward financial institutions fund management approach."

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