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Guoxin Securities: on the platform, significantly strengthening the supervision
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Media CBRC issued "on the strengthening of credit risk management and financing platform guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"). Comments: New regulatory framework in the classification regulation defines the quality of assets and the risk weight of specific regulatory targets in 2009 the amount of credit against the cycle of day again made the banking system has accumulated more credit risk, due to current economic uncertainty facing the larger , including inflation, property market and other aspects of risk, concentration of credit risk are likely to make the outbreak of making bad loans, the banking system back on the direction of deterioration, so the regulatory authorities with a high degree of risk aversion is taken for granted. This year, the State Council and various ministries have been issued a financing platform and platform for the supervision of the loan documents, the overall guiding principle is the implementation of classification regulation, be treated differently: For the cash flow + collateral loans into more adequate platform for general corporate loans normal management, lack of loans or even with highly severe punitive regulation aims to improve transparency and to prevent the risk of expansion.

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