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Hock travel processing sets when the law of article absolutely
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According to our country " hock government measure " regulation, hock ought to become absolutely according to following regulation processing all right article: Be in when thing rate amount of 30 thousand yuan of above, can assure according to our country the concerned regulation processing of the law, preengage of OK also and bilateral issue is decided go by hock after absolutely entrust an auction to go vendue. Sale income is in deduct auction charge to reach after golden principal and interest, odd part ought to be returned when door, skimpy share to when door recover; Be not worth 30 thousand yuan when thing rate amount absolutely, hock can be sold off by oneself all right or convert into money is handled, caustic excessive is conceited; Current to national restriction become absolutely content, ought to basis concerned law, code, the newspaper perhaps is sold about aftertreatment of management department approval appoint an unit; Hock goes in business place to stand to ought to sign up for provincial business affairs to be in charge of a branch to put on record when goods point of sales absolutely with peripheral, accept local business affairs self-consciously to be in charge of a branch to supervise an examination; Hock travel punish appears on the market mediumly when article absolutely company stock should be obtained when door agree and cooperate, hock must not be sold off by oneself all right, convert into money is handled or entrust an auction to go vendue is become absolutely article appears on the market mediumly company stock.

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