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Room of car of atrophy of hock industry Wu should taste absolutely increase
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City of the stock market, room is stagnant, fuzhou hock goes also be put into trouble, pawnbroking Wu is ceaseless and atrophic since second half of the year this year. Meanwhile, fuzhou is not little hock goes a large amount of material increase ceaselessly when the amount absolutely.

Yesterday, the reporter visited travel of mortgage of Fuzhou much home, discover staff member of bar of travel of a few hock is compared before little, and the client that heads for hock to deal with pawnbroking Wu all right also is sparse.

My a few colleagues go to “ out visits a client. ” in drum-tower area one hock goes, lady of king of bar staff member tells a reporter, because come,the guest decreases, mortgage portfolio glides, a few sit originally the staff member of bar, also be asked to come to visit a client when adventitious by the manager.

Making a gentleman is Fuzhou the controller that one hock goes, pursue hock trade old, he finds second half of the year apparently this year mortgage portfolio is atrophic many. The closest period of time, when making gentleman and the hock travel person of the same trade that are the same as a city communicate, discovering atrophy of hock industry Wu is industry joint appearance.

Reckon is worn the stock market arrived opposite low, a few shareholders that want to copy a copy need capital, near future of travel of a few hock strengthened Fuzhou the connection with the shareholder. The reporter visits discovery, near future of Fuzhou hock travel extends advertisement to negotiable securities business ministry.

While Wu of Fuzhou hock industry is atrophic, should taste an amount to increase compared to the same period absolutely, especially private car, house property a large amount of should taste absolutely appeared little some is become absolutely circumstance.

Reporter from Fuzhou one hock understands all right, delicacy of this hock travel goes to in former years singularly of private car, house property become absolutely circumstance, and since second half of the year of this type should taste to catch absolutely. These should be tasted include Ao Di, contemporary, black horse amount to wait for car brand, still a few is located in Fuzhou the house property of different area. The manager that goes according to this hock introduces, the part should be tasted absolutely had exceeded current half an year, but their host also always is not contacted.

This manager expresses, last as a result of city of the stock market, room low fan, cause partial client visionary hope of original investment melt into, and when the circulating fund that obtains all right through hock undertakes investing again, partial client still cannot gain profit, this is the immediate cause that causes a large amount of article to be become absolutely.

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