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Financial storm " hold in both hands red " Nanchang hock goes
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Suffer the effect of international finance storm, loan applies for difficulty to grow day and day, this makes the people of increasing short of money casts eye afresh to hock goes, nanchang hock also appeared accordingly all right rare hot appearance. Many people to use ready money dish vivid business, choose hock illicit character to taste in succession, exchange a few money to come have enough to meet need. The reporter discovers in interview, a few astute hock travel bosses hold the mentality of money of hock door urgent need, to the client also ” of “ choose whatever is to one's personal advantage.

Gold silver is the most welcome

22 days morning, the reporter wins in Nanchang city travel of a hock, as it happens came up against citizen plum gentleman and sweetheart to come this pawnshop. He tells a reporter, he does a fruit to approve hair trade, because oneself cash bedding bag is in the stock market, think of north enters batch of apples recently, be badly in need of 300 thousand yuan of cash using, be forced to take 1 jin of gold and the room of a 70 square metre to mortgage line of business. Mr Li says, this is he goes the 2nd times to hock, a few days ago he has come, he is to should grab the house pawn in the home originally, want to become 300 thousand yuan come out to be used, but pawnshop boss says, can become many yuan 20 only at most, do not have method, he is forced to take out his ancestral gold again, mortgage ability should give 300 thousand yuan of ready money together.

A boss that hock goes says, building city is stagnant nowadays, hock is opposite all right building this kind of praedial disinclination, hock likes to accept most all right should be tasted even if the valuable that the look such as gold, silver shows changeably.

Praedial should taste encounter cold

The reporter discovers in interview, a lot of hock go to wait for a few praedial disinclination to house property. 22 days morning, the reporter folds 4 hock such as hitching post of hill road, department to undertake all right to Nanchang city dark visit. The reporter says he has the house of a 70 square metre on the road that fold hill, market price is made an appointment with 350 thousand, it is OK to ask when how many money? Among them two say to be able to become 200 thousand yuan, one says to be able to become 150 thousand yuan only, another flat say not to get house property mortgage. But the mortgage division that these a few hock go happens to coincide the ground asks, if have gold, can hit the least 95 fold, that is to say, now the market price of gold is 1 gram is controlled 180 yuan, if take money of mortgage line of business, can become at least 170 yuan of money.

Raise a threshold for windbreak danger

Nevertheless, hock executes the way of ” of “ choose whatever is to one's personal advantage all right, also be helpless choice. The boss that a hock goes says, hock regards blame bank as leasehold orgnaization all right, when the environment is comfortable, pawnbroking Wu is very few, very finite also to the client's choice, falling in influence of global banking crisis, although the business that hock goes became much, but because house price is flabby the risk is bigger, be forced to raise a doorsill to be on guard a few needless risks.
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