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Raise city hock rolls out business of certificate of financing be in harmony fir
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This month 25 days, 11 hopeful make the certificate trade with pilot certificate of financing be in harmony, and the bourse, company that register, tripartite puts tubal bank, the entire network that shared professional work of certificate of financing be in harmony jointly checks, this mark is worn the ticket of financing be in harmony that gets attention fully advanced one step ahead again. Certificate of financing be in harmony is about to come out, mean not far the shareholder can wait for an orgnaization to undertake financing through certificate business in the future. And reporter discovery, yangzhou already had hock to be rolled out all right special the pawnbroking Wu that is similar to certificate of financing be in harmony, meaning grabbing before certificate of financing be in harmony is rolled out, cent eats market cake.

Stock pledge is similar certificate of financing be in harmony

With the hand medium stock undertakes impawn, to stockjobber loan undertakes negotiable securities invests again, it is the business of certificate of be in harmony of certificate business financing that future is about to roll out one of core component. But you still may not know, showing the partial shareholder in Yangzhou actually also is to be able to use the stock in the hand to undertake impawn, loan undertakes negotiable securities invests again, what just begin this professional work is not stockjobber, however a hock orgnaization that is called travel of the hock that believe grand.

The professional work of hock of this negotiable securities that we had begun “ at present, the doorsill is very low ” , sun Nianyu of general manager of travel of the hock that believe grand says to the reporter, in this business, the shareholder should hold some shares only is not ST kind stock, time-out trades stock, and market prise exceeded that day (include) 50 thousand yuan, can apply for to deal with. And the order that business of negotiable securities mortgage handles is very simple also: The shareholder carries account of certificate of share of the upper part of the body, partner and capital account, after hock undertakes to identity of stock market prise, client examine and verify is passed all right, affirmatory loan specified amount is spent, current, charge, next both sides signs ” of contract of loan of “ stock impawn, open pawn ticket, collection charge. At the same time hock guild offers the partner account that the client assigns. Normally, hock goes to manage for convenient risk, can do business with a certain specific negotiable securities the ministry undertakes cooperative, the client must reach account move afore-mentioned specific partner account, when the account that will be called to this to appoint when gold when the client, the financing that hock goes also immediately arrives door. This account attributes “ special fund special ” , can use at frying only and cannot carry now. Hock of negotiable security of reason of city run by the local people is the fastest inside a hour achievable.
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