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Room of house property intermediary is handed in on the meeting dark fall commis
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Commission income is house property intermediary settle down and get on with one's pursuit this, even if is before when the market is the worst, the sales promotion activity of house property intermediary also won't think on commission privilege easily.

The person that do not cross yesterday diary learns from intermediary of our city much home, the opportunity that can roll out favourable policy to capture a room to hand in sells a house more, intermediary begins have the aid of all sorts of methods are dark fall commission. And house property intermediary falls commission is returned in the our city is first.

As we have learned, the Central Plains that regards broker of countrywide house property as the first brand is landed, commission had not been hit 30 years fold, but hand in in this second autumn room during the meeting (on October 23 - on November 6) , central Plains real estate will be as jubilant as our city “ ” is secondhand room network is rolled out jointly secondhand room group buys an activity, the citizen that attends a group to buy all can obtain the commission discount that extent differs, even a person also can “ becomes round ” , enjoy 9.9 fold. At present the standard of commission collection scale of intermediary of our city house property is the 1-2% of total house price to differ.

Steel carries house property president says, to take care of labour firewood a group of things with common features buys a house, the room hands in the person that the house is bought during the meeting to be able to win certificate of 600 yuan of acting gold, avoid close mortgage do sth for sb cost. At present of intermediary do sth for sb the 1%-1.5% that cost is house total prices commonly.

Send decorate cost, send homemaking to serve …… reporter to learn from intermediary of much home house property, can go up to sell a house more to be handed in in the room, the sales promotion strategy that is used on skill room before was used now secondhand on the room.

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