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The individual borrows money without guaranty
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The individual borrows money without guaranty
Respectable client: Hello! To resolve demand of shortage of finance of urban and rural dweller. The “ that my company holds to a party 3 farming ” policy opens the client that comes to my company borrow money without this mortal world of mortgage loan business to the society, student by oneself true and effective student's identification card, worker of come off sentry duty is in by his active come off sentry duty obtain employment card, all can enjoy our company favourable treatment
[1] : The individual borrows money, put borrow the forehead to spend (5000 - 200 thousand) , (this city is dealt with) , deadline 1-5 year,
[2] need to offer oneself effective certificate (like Id, registered permanent residence this) Xerox, reach a household detailed address, the family secures a phone. The fastest name of the donor of 1 hour of less than.
[1] : The enterprise borrows money: ? of caries of glutinous  Tuan 10 thousand - 1 million) , (this city is dealt with) , deadline (1-5 year)
[2] the enterprise is industrial and commercial business charter, duty Wu registers card, card of origanization construction code and legal person represent the photocopy of Id.
1, reimbursement means is optimized (still cease by season, expire repayment of capital) ;
2, loan utility is not restricted (usable make company capital have enough to meet need, buy a house, buy a car, decorate, travel, education is waited a moment) ;
3, still can borrow ahead of schedule, without penalty due to breach of contract; Procedure is fast, simple;
4, if be in a bank to have,did not return more than, can fill up beforehand endowment;
Company purpose: Each other wins common people of mutual benefit, service, bank to carry now. Convenient and quick, credit the first.

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