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Wool embryo room cancels policy of clothbound of complain of suffering of buildi
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Afterwards of Guangzhou floor price ignore renown not dark, semifinished product room should cancel incessantly of complain of suffering of building materials shopkeeper. After lunar country rolls out clothbound room to extend policy about ministries and commissions on, let this year originally dejected building materials market more “ is low confuse ” . Because the material of clothbound room is supplied,basically can undertake brand invite public bidding in the light of manufacturer, this gives cent is sold undoubtedly and retail the building materials market that is main management configuration is heavy blow. Group public figure expresses retail trade of Guangzhou building materials, the clothbound room scale as a result of Guangzhou already very tall, of this policy although concussion does not calculate,come on stage big, but can promote an industry to shuffle, building materials market will appear “ overmatch henceforth stronger, the weak puts the aspect of ” hard.

Guangzhou is new dish decorate for essence of life most probably

Beyond question, rise as what live in standard of living and of house price push litre, clothbound room is mixed in material necessarily all the more on class is costly, to ensure public praise is mixed fame, land agent wait for those who decorate material to purchase to wooden floor, ceramic tile, Wei Yu also be sure incline to is mixed at old brand high-grade product. The reporter understands, what business of Guangzhou mainstream development rolled out 20007 is new dish of 90% outfit that it is essence of life long, stone of king of 10 thousand divisions puts word even, will do clothbound to build a building only henceforth dish, and facilitate for construction, a lot of clothbound build a building dish decorate material to be purchased centrally with this locality give priority to.

Of semifinished product room cancel to produce the consumptive form to building materials change, "After clothbound room gains ground, the collective of building materials purchases business meeting grow in quantity, accordingly, development chamber of commerce looks for the professional market that actual strength has a brand to cooperate, even if if be being bought through manufacturer, manufacturer also can guarantee the benefit of area agency, and the market share of inn of street shop building materials will more suffer extruding " . Also relevant expert expresses, major is used to sell a batch the kind that stock mostly when developing business to be in those who buy clothbound house to decorate material, the price greatly the retail prices under building materials market, the interest of a lot of consumer that fear clothbound room can push tall house price won't get actually too big enroach on.

Contain a few business chance

Face more and more atrophic skill building dish decorate the market, a lot of building materials manufacturers must put the view to 2 to decorate a domain. Hopeful ground points out somebody 2 times to decorate retail market actually very tremendous, according to bureau of Guangzhou room canal in last few years data shows, 8 region houses of Guangzhou traded 2001 gross area 7.57 million smooth rice, was 2002 8.83 million smooth rice, and 2004, 10 region houses of Guangzhou trade the area is 19.69 million smooth rice. Have population according to Guangzhou 12 million, according to computation of every 4 people, 3 million families every change every year electric equipment of bulb, curtain, kitchen local the expense that decorate won't be little at 2000 yuan, include to smoke cupboard of lampblack machine, gas burner, disinfection, lamp act the role ofing, water heater, Ma Tong the household component such as floor of paint of cover board, wall, wood, curtain. The aggrandizement wood floor board that has housing for instance has appeared to fade badly mostly, since arch, wait for a phenomenon frothily, entering changing fastigium. Such Guangzhou appear give a gross to achieve 5 billion ~100 the building materials of 100 million is retail new cake.
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