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Intermediary of Shanghai house property cuts down the member of persons employed
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Secondhand the room clinchs a deal ” of “ urgent aspic, industry of house property intermediary feels unprecedented chill, shut storefront and cut down the member of persons employed the first selection that a lot of intermediary companies answer building city cold winter. The reporter understands, industry of the intermediary on Shanghai already had the shut up shop cutting down the member of persons employed of large area, cut scale reachs some company door store 50% above. Frequency of good news of even if interest goes out, but controller of large intermediary company is general on Shanghai express, secondhand the wait-and-see state of mind that the home buys in room market is changed hard inside short time, intermediary company still dare not treat sth lightly, already had made the preparation that calls protracted battle, the ground the market goes situation adjust contractive strategy.

   Central Plains suspends unifinication managing

There ever was a message to say before, the real estate of Central Plains of “ bibcock ” of intermediary industry plans to cut down in Shanghai about 450 people, namely 15% the left and right sides. In the meantime, place of treasure of “ of the 2nd brand produces ” to also be faced with wholesale shut up shop. To this, central Plains real estate and treasure place produce president Tan Baijiang to express to morning paper reporter, inn of “ cut door is the normal response that intermediary company answers market crisis, it is to leave to still close, depend on completely the financial standing of the market and company. ”

Tan Baijiang expresses, at present Central Plains and treasure are opposite really formerly inn of the door below the banner is made adjust, will close the door store that all deficit and lease expire. Central Plains achieves 182 when inn of the door below landed banner is most, already adjusted at present control to 160; And treasure is 38 when inn of former landed door is most, amount of plan door inn will be cut half. “ treasure place produces this brand to whether can continue to live, see the competition ability of former oneself of market situation and treasure completely, we can close till the balance. ”

According to coverage of Hong Kong media, shi Yongqing of chairman of Central Plains group expressed in open circumstance recently, time-out group unifinication runs strategy, each does things in his own way by each subsidiary, assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses, in order to reduce group burden, do not eliminate to have subsidiary outstanding achievement not beautiful and cut down the member of persons employed or close down. The Central Plains that outback market business runs below group division (China) before September up to now cut inland branch evens more 50, at present the amount is maintained be in more than 800.

To resist ” of “ cold winter, shanghai Central Plains spreads out actively also to wait for the collaboration of famous development business with golden ground, Cheng Gao, Hua Run, acted as agent project of more than 30 skill, serve as the new point of growth of business with this. The world and bay catchment project are the Glyn that acts as agent with near future of Shanghai Central Plains exemple, sell more than 200 to mix 150 respectively namely during National Day.
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