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"House property is new politics 14 " may not can be active building city
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On October 23, shanghai makes jointly about the branch " a certain number of opinions that about promoting this city estate market health develops " announce at numerous. " opinion " include concerned policy 14, among them profit good drop trades in house property centrally medium duty expends derate.

House property is new politics the derate tax cost that adds in entirely is 8.6% . Among them, the home on derate (sell piece square) for 8.1% , the home below derate (average square) for 0.5% . It is to consider the market trades probably in the current situation, on trade bigly duty is expended plan the price that enter a room, thereby the home below impute to is assumed, house property is new politics original idea is to want to let go up the home absolves that part to trade tax cost, make go up the home is in hang out one's shingle in house price, the duty of eliminate marry again expends a part, help small house price thereby, make next homes get material benefit in trade, achieve market of stimulative house property to clinch a deal active purpose.

Whether can this mode of operation rise to clinch a deal active purpose? I think probably cannot, the reason is:

The first, the crucial point with wait-and-see purchaser basically depends on house price, depend on trading next the tax cost in link. Trade in a house property in, new politics make fluctuate two gross profit are in 8.6% . Although two calm fairness are shared, just also get the 5% benefits that be less than each. To buying a house person for, be equal to bridal chamber open quotation 95 fold. The author remembers, in not long ago house property traded Summer 2008 reveal on the meeting, many development business are hit lose a sale, 95 break a floor dish can be found everywhere, the result looks to be bought more as before little, the person that buy a house is wait-and-see still again wait-and-see. Same 95 fold, sell on Fair do not move, is house property new politics below 95 fold can you sell so that move?

The 2nd, market action often is met deviate of ground of do with sb unconscious is preceptorial the orbit of the design. In house property market on the home did not assume governmental responsibility and commerce to trade the morality besides responsibility is compulsory, and market price authority is in again on in domestic hand, actual result can imagine: Glow of  of  Huo Suo also changes haze example Mei to fall one oyster of collection of enzymatic  of kind of hawk of trade of limit of amine of collect Fu Jin pulls Zong of Ke of  of bank of Shen of rancorring T of the obstruct that record drag to shelf the She nationality of widow of  of Rong of cangue of broadleaf plant of  of  of school of  of Tuan of grey Zhun of intermediary of  wood  , house property is new politics the interest majority that vacate falls to go up in bag of members of a family. Why? Because to puissant adjusting control for house property market of 3 years, on firm sense have capital catenary crisis go up, already little little, on to trading time has the patience that awaits adequately. Contrary, state of mind leaving the home especially next homes of rigid demand, urgent urgent. Of above home be opposite not urgently those who leave the home is very urgent, active advantageous position depends on going up, why should the home let him under one's name be expended by the duty of derate on?
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