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Reviewing the United States to carry out everybody to have house property may be
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The person that the “ of the mouth of Mencius of ideologist of China of the out more than 2000 years ago is resided has its house ” , by the degree that today's American deduced insanity. They have its house ” in the person that incontinent distend “ resides fine long hair while this dreams, created a mortgage loan industry that cannot last, push crackers estate market not only to at, and the economic be a burden on of will whole world must in disorder one piece.

So far, the person that China is resided as “ has its house ” the contriver of this one concept, it seems that very be necessary to think over from inside American practice, go to regression of this one concept on due fixed position. Ground of be practical and realistic says, the tradition that the person that “ is resided has its house ” is human society all the time lives dream. Since dreams to have to have the way of implementation, make an on-the-spot investigation only from this angle, cannot leave a government to be mixed hard to the understanding of right of the people's livelihood and oneself responsibility of course. It is early at the beginning of 20 centuries, engels ever did not intervene the British government at that time completely the behavior of estate market, call “ housing catastrophic ” . But, the person that how should understand “ to reside after all has the real intention of its house ” , it is the world outlook problem on concept of a politics not only it seems that, still a watch shows the methodology issue on policy.

Before this, adopt low interest rate and loose loan policy for a long time to American government, move toward 0 to pay even, the method that housing mortgages, forward the person that “ is resided has its house ” when in big strides of this visional target strides, people is to hold in the arms more in order to envy enthusiastic even applause. Now nowadays, we also pass its estate foamy complete burst, see the weak American economy that brings from this really clearly cut. Apparent, go judging American to make trap of this one cosmopolitan finance intentionally appear from this not honest and kind, but if say its,struggle concept of a politics for it erroneously, had not been.

Perhaps, the person that the Mencius puts forward “ to reside in those days has its house ” when this idealism catchword, also did not want to attend a meeting the Hesperian place that is separated by vast oceans is accepted anyhow, do not have the concept that thinks of type of this similar catchword more, meet the mankind bring disastrous financial crisis. But western politician people when employing this one concept, also may not is inadvertently. On American political field, we are found not quite easily read aloud the president with act very similar measure from political natural science, but the person that reside in “ has its house ” on this problem, the state that Luo Sifu has the person that “ is resided to have its house is invincible the logion of ” , small Bush has more have housing through urging everyone, build the catchword of ” of possessory society of a “ and operation.
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