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Hangzhou of vice-chairman of house property association considers building city
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A few days ago, courtyard MBA learns in Zhejiang university economy advanced grind on long class, chinese estate is had successively held the posts of to develop group company general manager, president since 1992, the Meng Xiaosu of vice-chairman of association of Chinese real estate told him to develop to estate a few think.

Real estate at present still lies growth period

Begin from 1994, meng Xiaosu and person of the same trade study the periodic law of estate, what include to had been released continuously 13 years among them is medium room index. He makes a visit in American Masschusetts Institute of Technology when the scholar, got acquainted with the room of a few United States to produce authoritative expert. They think American estate is periodic is 10~20 year, england, Japan is 10~12 year, chinese Taiwan is 5~6 year. The real estate of “ our mainland also has cycle, had experienced 3 development period, each development period is it is a cycle 7 years, 5 years of growth, two years low. ” he thinks, real estate begins to had entered the 4th development period from 2006 now, if according to normal periodic development theory, should be to develop all the time 2010, 2011 ~ should notice to may give some of issue 2012, so at present, develop through adjusting real estate to still can continue.

“ although from will for a long time look, the house price that inflation brings rises is hasten of general trends place, but the adjustment this year is helpful for reason of real estate reply. Citing says ” Meng Xiaosu, land sent day price last year, price of floor of a ground of Shanghai amounts to every square metre 20 thousand yuan, 7500 yuan are patted together only on the side of it recently / square metre. “ special not rational house property company spends this cycle very hard. ”

Next focal point is safeguard sex housing

Actually our early discovers “ Chinese house price can rise for certain very violent. Below this kind of circumstance, in how assuring, low income family is mixed lowermost income family can live to remove a room to become very dear. ” room changes initial stage, meng Xiaosu and the think of a way that built a few officials of the ministry to put forward housing to guarantee a system together, not only have commodity house, and the safeguard sex housing that has policy sex, include economy applicable Fang Helian rents a house. “ regrettablly, busy move holds authority at that time the room is commercial, however oversight applicable Fang Helian hires economy the construction of the room, economy is applicable room scope is less and less, cheap hires a room to have hardly. This kind of circumstance caused ” the dissatisfaction of weak force group, after that vent one's anger on sb who's not to blame at estate company.

" country 6 " emphasize wanting to strengthen cheap to hire room construction, cheap hires room construction to cannot explain one-sidedly for small family model. The “ small family housing problem of low income family in can be you being solved? Cannot enough. Because they need, is low room. ” Meng Xiaosu says, the house price in 5 annulus of Beijing is average every square metre 14 thousand yuan, such, the small family that calculates a house to cut 60 square metre, 80 square metre, low income family still cans not afford housing in.
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