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Complete commonweal is fiducial depositary not plan pay
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100 luck are fiducial last week rolled out disaster area of a Sichuan and impoverished area education to help commonweal fiducial plan, fiducial dimensions not under 1 million yuan, odd pen entrusts capital not under 100 yuan.

Comment on: Commonweal is fiducial it is fiducial in a special kind. To support commonweal cause, in commonweal fiducial compasses controls an aspect relatively of commerciality fiducial have more loose policy. After Sichuan earthquake disaster happens, silver-colored inspect can be passed fiducial assist disaster area to rebuild issue an announcement, encourage trust company to establish with aseismatic provide disaster relief, rebuild after calamity those who be a purpose is fiducial. This kind of commonweal is fiducial, client number is not restricted, odd pen is fiducial capital amount is not restricted. This commonweal with 100 fiducial luck is fiducial it is the complete commonweal that faces capital of social community collect directly fiducial product, the capital of collect is used at disaster area education to rebuild entirely. In this fiducial in, depositary is divided not collection is fiducial outside pay, still assume fiducial plan to run the real cost in the process, reflected the social sense of responsibility of trust company.

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