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Make silver fiducial one year be commissioned evens more 30 billion
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The stock market does not see improvement, agile fiducial investment product makes the investment way with high-end zealous investor. Reporter from the international that make silver fiduciary limited company understands, although the company just established time one year, but distribute fiducial item already successfully 159, dimensions of asset of accumulative total be commissioned breaks through 30 billion yuan.  
Save as Hubei exclusive a trust company, the international that make silver is fiducial the attention that gets a lot of high end investor since holding water last year. As we have learned, this company is already preliminary formed illicit collect equity investment of investment, illicit collect negotiable securities, fiducial model many kinds of 10 fiducial product such as conduct financial transactions of worker of industrial investment fund, company, rolled out distinctive MOM (supervisory management person) fiducial business mode.  
The international that make silver is fiducial limited company registers capital 1.2 billion yuan, hold of traffic bank Inc. the equity of 85% , hold of hall of Hubei province finance the equity of 15% .

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