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Division of Chongqing bank conduct financial transactions: Buy product of fiduci
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Since this year, because the stock market goes low considerably, product of fiducial conduct financial transactions becomes market heat gradually, only June, 35 commercial banks of countrywide distributed product of 414 fiducial conduct financial transactions. But, division of Chongqing bank conduct financial transactions reminds, investor should note the following problems when buying fiducial product.
Above all, should choose the trust company with good reputation. In recent years, superintendency branch undertook for many times rectifying to fiducial course of study, fiducial market already relatively normative, but put possibly also in the company that lacks good profession morality. Accordingly, when investor is buying product of fiducial conduct financial transactions, must choose capital actual strength strong, sincere letter spends quality of in order of tall, asset, personnel to be mixed high the trust company with historical good outstanding achievement.
Next, should inspect the gain foreground of fiducial product. Division of Chongqing bank conduct financial transactions says, the fiducial product that rolls out on the market at present is gather fund letter to hold a plan in the palm mostly, what define fiducial capital beforehand namely is specific cast to. Accordingly, investor should pay close attention to the stand or fall of fiducial project when buying product of fiducial conduct financial transactions, there is wide market perspective to wait after like fiducial project the located industry, cash in running a course sheds go into operation of whether stable reliable, project. The success of these implicit fiducial projects is led, the relation is worn whether can the capital of investor and accrual expire to be gotten on time.
The 3rd, should inspect fiducial item assure circumstance. “ generally speaking, have the fiducial project that the bank assures or bank commitment follow-up borrows money, its safety factor is met prep above is general and fiducial project, of course its profit will be relatively a few smaller. Division of conduct financial transactions of ” Chongqing bank says, fiducial to bonded project, investor cannot look only assure square asset dimensions, and should look assure indebted scale, profit margin, cash sheds square asset and can last of the enterprise the element such as development.
Finally, bear according to oneself risk the product of fiducial conduct financial transactions that ability chooses corresponding venture. Generally speaking, the fiducial project venture of invest in estate, stock market slightly tall, but its gains is relative also taller; And the fiducial project of the infrastructure such as invest in the sources of energy, electric power is stabler, cash flow is clear, security is good but accrual is relatively inferior. Accordingly, perhaps prepare the investor that teachs gold for children to having demand of provide for the aged, had better buy the fiducial product of moderate of low risk, accrual.
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