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Fiducial course of study rectifies whole financial powerful nation to reform dev
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Reforming and opening, the orgnaization of dispute bank finance that Chinese finance domain unlocks the earliest.

In October 1979, trust company of China International of the first trust company of Chinese holds water, on June 2, 1980, the Oriental limited company that rent prepares China to well balanced at Beijing happy and carefree the park holds a party, announce preparatory place holds water, east was rented second year hold water formally.

Orgnaization of blame bank finance took too much roundabout way, experienced for many times clear rectify, it is with the course of study that rent with fiducial course of study especially among them most. They are feeling stone inside time of nearly 20 years, going to ought not to belong to oneself road originally.

1998 ~2002 year, financial orgnaization experiences blame bank to be rectified greatly again. When consolidating fiducial industry, chinese people bank holds the post of when (next weighing ” of “ Central Bank) the manner of Xia Bin of director of the department that be not silver is very determined: Rectify the 5th times this is fiducial course of study, also be to be rectified for the last time. Next the department that be not silver is painful weighing hand, ” of “ radically reform, rectified main train of thought is to let fiducial course of study return to the stone that the fiducial, course of study that rent returned to the …… that rent to feel nearly 20 years, be on correct path at long last.

What kind of money market does “ form? This returns conflict in Chinese economy, financial personage differ. But without giving thought to how, solving this problem is not to pass a few people to copy pattern of foreign money market absolutely can be successful. It depends on the requirement that the progress that Chinese whole economic system reforms raises to financial activity. ”23 year ago July 1985, xia Bin is in " Chinese money market is looked into " write so in one article.

Xia Bin's practice and the square respect face that study experience involves Chinese finance almost. Rectify orgnaization of blame bank finance, test and verify the finance that he explores reforms methodology. He pays close attention to national finance to open the strategy more nowadays: “ the contrail along 30 years of reforming and opening, point the way that the market develops, mix now join in the future rise, ability makes the reform of good instantly. ”

2008 Chu Qiu, the building after the State Council develops a research center 2, xia Bin's office is mixed and disorderly and quiet. He was accepted here " daily of the first finance and economics " special interview.

Should do what to do

" daily of the first finance and economics " : 1998, after you just entered the department that be not silver to hold the post of a director, to be not silver department undertook “ cuts authority ” : At first, administer of the department that be not silver is worn the trust company, company that rent, financial company, assure the superintendency influence that bond of travel of company, hock, enterprise, financial condition evaluates card of member of company, foundation, lottery, golf to wait for nearly 10 business, but you suggest the business of banking of a few blame such as card of member of a lottery, golf, foundation goes out from Central Bank depart actively, it is for “ concentration energy does important matter ” so, prepare to consolidate fiducial course of study and the industry of blame bank banking such as the course of study that rent?
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