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Pudong preparing establishs the national fiducial center that register
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Meeting general attracted Shanghai world rich 2010 tourist of 70 million person-time, lend world rich good luck, promote long triangle the linkage development of contemporary service line of business already became urgent matter. Pudong new developed area will build area of financial core function to attach most importance to a dot with accelerating, drive establish the national fiducial center that register.

Contemporary service line of business welcomes opportunity

By Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang the 3 hair that visit town change appoint, meeting general affairs coordinates rich of world of government of people of Pudong new developed area, Shanghai the “ world rich that union of trade of contemporary service of bureau, Shanghai sponsors jointly is met collaboration of line of business of as contemporary as long triangle service and linkage development forum. Shanghai mayor Hanzheng sends congratulatory letter, ai Baojun of Shanghai deputy mayor attends forum and make a speech.

Han is expressing in congratulatory letter, world rich offerred rare development opportunity for contemporary service line of business, and expand contemporary service line of business energetically, be being formed as soon as possible is in order to serve the industrial structure that course of study gives priority to to accelerate promotion to grow the demand of quality of whole of trigonometry region economy and international competition ability.

It is reported, chair domestic the State Council by Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council this year standing conference is discussed and the principle was passed " the directive opinion that pushs reforming and opening of area of delta of the Yangtse River and economic society progress further " .

“ photograph relatively wait for area at mid, northeast and annulus Bohai Sea, the competition ability of long triangle area is in relatively abate. ” Shanghai government admits Zhou Zhenhua of research center director to express on forum. He says, long-term since, long triangle area was formed direct in order to export the manufacturing industry extroversion that is a foundation economy, but crisis of banking of near future whole world already pervaded hypostatic economy stage by stage, cause certain impact to growing three-cornered economy. For this, zhou Zhenhua thinks, the cooperative development of contemporary service line of business will be the main force that supports economy of future of long triangle district.

Pudong builds an environment for financial industry

Yan Xu of deputy warden of Shanghai Pudong new developed area also expressed in forum yesterday, modernization of Pudong new developed area serves estate development to present 4 large window. It is financial industry accelerates development, financial system is ceaseless and perfect; 2 it is content sheds estate development to gain new headway; 3 it is to be able to exhibit travel function protruding to show, do exhibit ability to promote ceaselessly; 4 it is culture originality industry development the look of things is good, formed a batch of industries to expand base.
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