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Hock concept: Sweet excessive be in harmony is connected, connect programmed con
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Of American happening second borrow the crisis to grow in intensity, affect the country of world each district and area. Cause world economic depression, each industries are sufferred affect, but exclusive and OK from which

Those who be benefited is pawnbroking.

Hock industry serves the burgeoning industry in course of study to still be belonged to in our country as finance start level, the development potential henceforth is very tremendous, and the company that intervenes first often can gain higher income. Sweet excessive be in harmony opens trade of strong intervening hock, development future is not had but set limit to. Company since recombined 2002 more after the name, in the trade business that keeps original steady progress while, still develop to the respect such as broker of hock, insurance, especially pawnbroking Wu, already made one of the pillar of the company industries gradually.

The company grows to quicken pawnbroking Wu, to specific investor directional add send 90 million, already card inspect can be passed conditionally, directional the capital actual strength that gains hair general to elevate a firm greatly,

Consolidate the company is in further of hock industry send an advantage first, collect capital will be become to Zhejiang Yuan Taidian finite liability company has mortgage of banner of heart of sweet excessive of finite liability company and Zhejiang add endowment,

Go to peaceful wave hock finite liability company has finite liability company and mortgage of Zhejiang Heng Yi add endowment buy, predict total investment is 25, seven million five hundred and ninety-seven thousand two hundred yuan. Hopeful of dimensions of business of the mortgage after investment of predicting collect capital is used is more current promotion 3 times the left and right sides, capital dominant position, area economic advantage and chain strategy advantage grow those who assure future continuously.

Returning those who one has hock idea is a programmed control 000419, control a company of the mortgage that connect Cheng, and the price is low, advocate job is good, be worth to pay close attention to.

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