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The part is fiducial product yield is reduced along with interest rate
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Recently, suffer national monetary policy to become loose, the effect that ” of “ double rate reduces again, partial gather capital believes those who hold a plan in the palm to anticipate yield also undertook corresponding reducing. China treasure had 5 products to reduce yield 0.27 percent below fiducial banner.

The report that general beneficial fortune publishs yesterday points out, reducing those who make response to standard interest rate above all is hold the structured negotiable securities that issue in the palm to invest fiducial plan by Hua Baoxin. As we have learned, the heart of — of 1000 pure gold that Hua Baoxin holds in the palm is collected (3) structured negotiable securities invests plan general yield by 6.8%—7.2% , reduce 6.53%—6.93% ; The yield that investment of negotiable securities of structuralization of Man Tingfang of — of 1000 pure gold plans by 6.7%—7% , adjust 6.43%—6.73% ; The yield that investment of negotiable securities of structuralization of China silver of — of 1000 pure gold plans also by 6.80% became 6.53% . Heart of — of 1000 pure gold is collected (4) plan of investment of structured negotiable securities and — of 1000 pure gold China achieve 2 structuralization negotiable securities to invested the yield of the plan to also have same range reduce.

Hold in the palm besides Hua Baoxin outside, general beneficial fortune is forecasted, other trust company also can have similar move with the product of the type. According to introducing, the float yield part of the fixed income share that the yield on existing market gets the product that standard interest rate affects the country to basically be centered in structured product and other product, the interest rate risk that place of this kinds of product faces is increased.

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