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Borrow fiducial plan " big blame " change to monarch additionally now path
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” of “ big blame shifts to an earlier date through fiducial plan “ is covered show ” to gain profit, industry of favour China drug has namely.

Yesterday, announcement of industry of favour China drug, before what Li Wei already held his company IPO, the 2nd large stockholder of company is restricted to make work share 8.1 million, all impawn gives Shanghai international fiduciary limited company (Shanghai is fiducial) , use at “ Shanghai fiducial appear on the market capital of gather of investment of power of company equity earnings is fiducial plan ” , and last week 5 in Chinese negotiable securities branch of Shenzhen of company of the settle accounts that register dealt with impawn to register formalities, impawn deadline 18 months.

In Li Wei and Shanghai's fiduciary relationship, former it is debtor also be a qualitative person, latter is creditor also be pawnee. Li Wei can achieve trait short-term circulating fund, the equity after still can sharing lift a ban probably transfers excessive value, fiducial to Shanghai and character, obtained ” of business of one picket “ .

Up to now, shanghai is fiducial had had 16 to appear on the market at least fund of investment of power of company equity earnings is fiducial plan. With (on letter - G-1601) appear on the market fiducial plan is fund of investment of power of company equity earnings exemple, shanghai is fiducial 25 million yuan of client consign fiducial capital, use at with 12.5 yuan / suffer let Shanghai luck morning invest management to consult limited company (Shanghai luck morning) 2 million sea of hold connects negotiable securities equity to be benefited authority, and in order to manage, apply or the origin that the income that fiducial belongings forms punish regards fiducial interest as, anticipate secure year of yield for 8% .

It is reported, the sea connects negotiable securities these 2 million are restricted to make work will appear on the market on January 31, 2009 current. Yesterday, the sea connects newspaper of negotiable securities share price to receive 21.1 yuan / , relatively the cost price of afore-mentioned fiducial plans 12.5 yuan / tower above is close 7 into. That is to say, this earnings that fiducial plan may achieve 17.5 million yuan.

In afore-mentioned “ business ” , client of Shanghai luck morning, fiducial plan, depositary is likely benefit. And Shanghai luck morning connects negotiable securities to be restricted to make work as the sea the identity of a partner is very crucial. The reporter understands, still have drunkard wine, Yuan Xingneng share of bethel of share of travel of source, yellow hill, tall grand, Tibet, Chang Lin, Tian Shili, medium iron is 2 bureaus, long the much home such as the electric science and technology, bank that start line of business appears on the market the partner of the company, as fiducial as Shanghai already had had equity earnings to counterpoise the collaboration of fiducial plan respect, involve equity 2 million differ to 15 million.
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