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Beautiful Ministry of finance already Xiang Taiyang is fiducial wait for 12 plac
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Beijing time on October 27, as the Ministry of finance banking of 250 billion dollar saves the content of the 2nd part of the plan, american government already Xiang Taiyang is fiducial bank (SunTrust Banks Inc. ) with the United States firm of banking of the first capital (Capital One Financial Corp. ) the cash financing that waited for 12 places bank to offer about 28 billion dollar.

Bao Ersen of · of Henry of American finance minister (Henry Paulson) is providing cash fund to financial orgnaization, aim to help financial industry anabiosis from the most severe real estate crisis since proud and flat period. Since recently, the sun is fiducial KeyCorp bank and PNC finance serve firm of banking of bank, the first capital, Kelifulan group (PNC Financial Services Group Inc. ) wait for 12 loan business to had been passed sell to the government preferential means obtained the Ministry of finance to note endowment.

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