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Zong Fan faces negotiation core to show new baby with a ha is breathed out conti
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Core points to continuously establish new baby to with a ha breath out a group to appear on the market

Dispatch of new wall bulletin (reporter Qiu Chunyan) pester from last year up to now still of resultless “ Da Wa contend for ” or have make peace a favourable turn. The reporter learns yesterday, amount to can, child with a ha breaths out both sides already at conference table of 15 days of regain. With negotiate before different, appear in the negotiation first after Fan Yimou and Zong Qing, negotiation content also points to continuously establish new baby to with a ha breath out a group to appear on the market content of this one core, all have to the detail such as the bilateral share scale in new group and profit safeguard involve.

As we have learned, by last year, appear personally via government of Sino-French two countries mediatory, both sides of ” of “ Da Wa is affirmatory, suspend legal antagonism, agree at the same time the negotiation time of two months. Meantime, both sides has had a contact a few times, but say according to message personage, first negotiation is main after Zong Qing of core character —— , Fan Yimou all did not show up, discuss to basically also be pestered at a few minor details, did not involve core issue. This month 15 days, amount to can, child Ha Hashuang just starts a negotiation again, in also negotiating first after Fan Yimou of bilateral high level and Zong Qing, appear. It is reported, this the negotiation basically surrounds winding to build new baby to with a ha breath out a group to appear on the market, bilateral share scale and profit safeguard spread out. Child breaths out Ha Fang to still hold to, amount to can Xian Chengqing nitty-gritty, make an apology, ability continues to talk about the collaboration from the back with its.

Yesterday, to negotiating that day result, amount to can, Fang Jun of child Ha Hashuang not openly response, all weigh “ to wait first the result says ” again. Analytic personage points to, from eye antecedent condition looks, amount to can, child with a ha is breathed out is closing is to be divided in the near future to be able to have a definite way. Additional as we have learned, in “ during two meetings ” , ever disclosed to media after Zong Qing say, this answering the negotiation time that at going up lunar end expires, will delay to end of end of this month.

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