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Card inspect can save city gold the first times to appear publish size blame to
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The first “ saves city ” gold to appeared eventually last night. Chinese card inspect can be released that evening " appear on the market the company removes be restricted to make work the share that put an amount makes over directive opinion " (next weighing " directive opinion " ) to “ size blame ” is decreased hold stand issued “ ” of 8 iron rule, ask among them already lift a ban is restricted to make work total capital stock of company of quantity prep above sells inside a month 1% when, should carry exchange a large amount of trading the system is made over. Set to be carried out since the day of initiative cloth.

Will arrive in October from last year this year in April, grail dropped 47% . Among them, size blame lift a ban appears on the market current make the main reason with turbulent stock market, also become the ” of “ air force with the biggest market. Then personage of a few markets appeals perfect size is not regulation of lift a ban, stabilize healthy progress in order to maintain the stock market.

“ to current market character, this is a benefit of course good. Vice-president Miao constant gives birth to secretary-general of consortium of a person of same business of ” Shanghai negotiable securities, Shen Yinmo country to expressed to morning paper reporter last night, be opposite inside course of study " directive opinion " before releasing this, already had anticipate. A large amount of trading is all attributes 2 class market, relevant share turns to this a large amount of trading the system sells still can make an impact to share price. Nevertheless, its influence degree will be reduced greatly.

" directive opinion " regulation, lift a ban is restricted to make work predicting future makes public a partner inside a month sell lift a ban is restricted to make work a sum total of stock of company of quantitative prep above of 1% , should carry a stock exchange a large amount of trading the system makes over place to hold share, abide by relevant regulation. Appear on the market before the company accuses a partner to sign up for announcement in company annual report, half an year 30 must not make over lift a ban to be restricted to make work in a few days.

“ that is to say, of ’ of ‘ size blame decrease hold will in relief actinic. Zhou Liang of analyst of negotiable security of ” heart state thinks, " directive opinion " greater sense is in make a large amount of trading more transparent, give the market clear anticipation.

Actinic ” still reflects the “ this world in week bright mouth in, " directive opinion " regulation, make over the share that put an amount to should satisfy the regulation of relevant law and the requirement that information announces, make over those who need to obtain relevant section to approve, ought to fulfill corresponding approval process. In the meantime, hold or control appear on the market the partner of 5% above share reachs the company to send action person to decrease firstly hold share to answer seasonable, accurate fulfill information to disclose obligation. Meanwhile, bourse and in card enters a company also ought to decrease related monitoring oppose action.
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