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House property intermediary " thin body " beg live
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Continuance the “ of intermediary of 67 month house property closes this year wet ” , inn of door of intermediary of near future Hangzhou closes to grow in intensity it seems that, not just bureau be confined to a few small house property intermediary, hangzhou inn of door of intermediary of a few brands also closes in succession.

And of unexpected is, to closing be related, intermediary company also begins straight face medium, and the block cloak attack by surprise before unlike.

Handler of many house property intermediary point out, such “ is thin body ” is a when intermediary company answers the market the the most effective, directest way actually, also can yet be regarded as of an advisability lift.

Have prophecy of the expert inside course of study, inn of Hangzhou intermediary door is cut the half is inevitable.


Hangzhou intermediary “ closes wet ” recrudesce

Recently, hangzhou is not little inn of intermediary company door closes in succession.

The inn of Wu Lin of flourishing age chamberlain that is located in stadium road the middle ten days of a month will close in October. As we have learned, this inn just will open business on July 18 this year, but the state is run since opening business and not ideal, the business is delicate, and the hire of this a sector of an area very expensive, be forced to close so. “ company headquarters has a regulation, 3 months not gain or gain does not amount to mark, be about to close. ” a broker says this store helplessly.

Same, be located in Mo Ganshan road inn also is in Mo Ganshan of 531 flourishing age chamberlain to close for a short while together almost. The agent that occupies this inn expresses, after from September inn of Gongbei of flourishing age chamberlain closes, he is indistinct the delicate change that felt a situation.

To closing be related, fan Huimei of inspector general of administration of flourishing age chamberlain expresses, because whole big environment is at present stagnant, the door shop with sure not quite good to outstanding achievement of a few sales meeting has the company compress and integrated. Current and preliminary inn of new residential quarter of peace and happiness mixes the has stadium way Wu Lin store that closes certainly, city on the west Mo Ganshan inn 6.

As we have learned, chamberlain of flourishing age of the beginning of the year shares 25 doors inn this year, and cut already nowadays it is 19. This controller expresses, close paragraph of time, the company still will is opposite other inn of a few doors undertakes checkup, depend next whether to continue to manage surely again.

Appear this kind of phenomenon is flourishing age stewards not only at present, however the common phenomenon of whole industry.

Abundant promotes Zheng Ying of praedial executive president also is call a spade a spade: “ this year since July, abundant promotes praedial straight battalion inn to begin to cut down, arrive from nearly 50 door inn inn of present 20 much doors. ” goes down to be managed better and develop, this company will do a few strategies early also to adjust July.
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