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Stand of Wuhan preparing lay off is cautious plan of house property adjusting co
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Countrywide building town is small fan, wuhan is not exceptional also. It is reported, this year 1-9 month, area of sale of house of Wuhan city commodity drops compared to the same period 30.3% , empty place area grows 39.9% compared to the same period.

Because unsuccessful of “ of a few local government saves city case ” , wuhan is saved do not save city to opinions vary, did not see tardy publish ” of relevant “ act.

Net of 100 million rooms Zhang Liang of expert of research center policy analysis thinks, wuhan building city is nonexistent those who save is necessary. From the point of price respect, eye anteroom price still stays this year the level of 34 month, the real purchasing power of deviate citizen, more important is most development business the idea that still embracing sudden huge profits is managing landed project, house price still has very large space leaving surplus. From clinch a deal in light of the respect, although the market appears low confused posture, still have such as the building that the brand such as city of star of bank of room of labour of ant of 10 thousand divisions, Heng Dahua government office, water develops business division to fall dish, sweep a small climax of buy course of study, those who lean is “ early depreciate, fall reach the designated position ” . To development business, “ never Immanuel, only oneself save him ” .

Before this, a controller represents management department of Wuhan house property, truly the consideration of city of can be saved and plan, but did not arrive blame save cannot degree, wuhan is won't “ follows suit of ” .

17 days, major project job is advanced to be able to go up in Wuhan city, yang Song of secretary of Wuhan municipal Party committee expresses, wuhan citizen buys commodity house, the government does not prepare to take cash subsidy. He says at the same time, the proportion that house property investment holds Wuhan to always invest is larger, move action to cannot be ignored to the belt of urban economy. Wuhan is planning measure of adjusting control of set of lay off stage, if reduce house property to trade agree duty, derate is relevant charge.

He says, wuhan takes out the consideration more cash subsidy in low income family, allowance is incapable the difficult family that solves housing problem. Wuhan will publish a careful adjusting control plan.

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