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Jin Hua Tieling the first branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank personal lo
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In recent years, Jin Hua Tieling the first branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank actively seize the opportunity and resources to continue to pay close attention to the real estate industry, the state's macro-control policy, the premise of risk aversion, to develop personal loan business loan business gradually caused the fight line of "quality project." One clear development strategy, balanced. The bank continues to adhere to the personal housing mortgage loans and car hire as the focus of the development strategy, working to mobilize the enthusiasm of marketers at all levels, increase new customers, new real estate marketing efforts, seize the opportunity to fully reserve net mortgage resources coordinated development of second-hand housing loans and other loans to fund entrusted loan business, to continue to increase the bank's loan business operating efficiency of the contribution. Second, the linkage effects effectively grasp the source. The bank also continues to play a development loan and mortgage loan linkage effects, strengthening communication links with relevant departments, the local housing development in time understand the market dynamics and information, active and competitive high-quality development projects screening, early intervention for high-quality development projects for the future housing loans to individuals laid the foundation for sustained growth. The third is to ensure that asset quality, prevent risks. To ensure that a fundamental improvement in credit quality of assets, the bank for a loan-to-business development, to drop non-performing loans owed to the principal and interest and control of growth as a key task to further strengthen risk management and improve the quality of personal loans, and comprehensively promote personal loans "quality engineering" building process.

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